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Amici FW20


Inspired by Batia “Baci”  Rutenberg’s extensive immersion in the fashion world’s capitals of Tokyo, Italy, New York and Tel Aviv lead to the formation of her iconic line Amici in 2015. Drawing from her deeply intimate and personal experiences with their enticing and distinct cultures; filled with breath-taking characters, food, and architecture.

Amici, being the Italian word for friends, embodies Baci's passion and appreciation of the exploration, innovation, and interconnection in fashion; bridging the gaps between the countless women and cultures around the world.


fw20 Amici



Amici’s designs are influenced by Baci's exposure to these vastly nuanced and awe-inspiring cultures and the imperishable impression they left on her. Utilizing sharp cuts, unconventional silhouettes and crisp dyes to convey the architecture, food, landscapes, and ultimately the people that breathe life into her modern and contemporary approach to fashion.







Amici Office FW20 STANDARD

Staying true to the values and standards she has established with the Baci Brand, Amici continues to cherishing the highest quality in materials. Personally selecting from Italy’s fabrics with high thread counts and using Eco-friendly dying processes, each of Amici's pieces will stand the test of time while feeling softer and more personalized with each wear.